I’ve been a patient of Chong’s for over ten years. At the beginning, I wasn’t in a good place – I hadn’t been to a dentist for a while and was starting to have nightmares about losing my teeth. It took a while to get my mouth healthy and I needed to have a couple of dental implants, but the results are amazing and I’m so much more confident.


I came to Chong for treatment of gum disease. The results have been terrific and, to be honest, it’s been almost painless. The result is I can now eat foods that I used to avoid and chew on both sides of my mouth, which is great. And I’m happy to smile in public and not hide my mouth.


Until I came to see Chong, I never really thought about dental implants. We discussed the treatment at length and I felt this was the answer to my problem! Ultimately I was very impressed with all the treatment I received and I would highly recommend Chong to anyone considering dental implants.


I had an absolute terror of the dentist until I came to Chong. Now my fear has totally evaporated – I even enjoy going to the dentist! I had quite extensive treatment with Chong but I didn’t feel any pain and the results are fantastic. It all feels so natural, I can’t tell which are the implants and which aren’t, and so I feel like I’ve got a mouth of perfect teeth… it’s way beyond my dreams. I would really recommend coming to Chong because he puts your mind at rest.


I’ve always had a thing about my teeth, and as I gradually started to lose them I knew I need to do something because I never wanted to wear a denture. And it has to be the best thing I’ve ever done – by the best person! Chong has given me the gift of being able to eat again properly and I now feel much more comfortable with myself, which is invaluable. The practice is such a lovely friendly place and Chong always very caring and gentle.


I had terrible problems – I had a lot of bleeding gums, I’d neglected my teeth for quite a long time. Chong told me exactly what the situation was, and he told me much more than my dentist could tell me because he’s an expert in gum disease. I came to the practice over a period of 18 months to have thorough deep cleaning, and during that time Chong guided me on how to properly clean my teeth, which was a revelation. I don’t have bleeding gums anymore, not even occasionally. I’m really happy with the treatment and would recommend Chong without hesitation.

Louise’s case

After losing many of her upper teeth on one side of her jaw, Louise sought the opinion of a top implantologist in the West End 15 years ago. Due to the loss of bone in both vertical and horizontal directions, bone grafting using some of her hip bone was recommended. This was deemed to be too invasive by the patient and she chose to have a long dental bridge placed.

This served her well until the rear-most supporting tooth became badly decayed and had to be removed. Such resultant decay on supporting teeth of dental bridges is not uncommon, as they are more difficult to clean.

Careful inspection, with the aid of pictures from a Cone-Beam CT scan, confirmed the lack of bone. Louise underwent conventional sinus bone grafting, from which she did not suffer much pain. She did experience some bruising, which her cosmetics concealed most effectively.

After six months, four implants were placed. During the surgery, it was discovered that not only was there a substantial amount of bone regenerated in the re-adjusted sinus space, but also, the width of the jaw was significantly increased. In this case, we were able to avoid the more invasive procedure (hip graft) and the necessity for hospitalisation. Instead, sinus lift was combined with guided bone regeneration, using BioOss deprotenised bovine bone powder. Louise can now smile fully and enjoy chewing confidently on both sides.

Louise’s experience

It was getting to the stage when some teeth would need to be replaced and I did not like the prospect of waking in the mornings to see false teeth smiling at me in a glass at the side of my bed!

My dentist suggested that I might like to consider implants and recommended Chong Lim. As I was 82 years old at the time, I was very apprehensive about the procedure but he was able to put my mind at rest by explaining very clearly how implants would be done.

He is a very kind, patient, caring person, is fastidious over hygiene and aims for perfection in everything he does. I am delighted now that all the treatment is over, except of course for aftercare. I would recommend Chong Lim to anyone who might be thinking about having implants in the future!

Gary’s case

Gary had a couple of crowns placed in the front region a few years ago at another practice. Unfortunately, one of them was displaced prematurely, as there was not much tooth to support the post-crown. This is not an uncommon event. To remake the crown would have entailed a small surgery to expose more root structure, and thus a longer crown. As this involves the removal of some bone and gum tissues, future implant treatment may be compromised. Furthermore, the alignment of the gum margins would be uneven. Thus, Gary elected to have the remaining root of this tooth removed and an implant placed.

As there had been some bone loss, simultaneous bone grafting was carried out during the placement of the implant. After the implant had fused, further augmentation of the gum tissues was carried out with a minor gum transfer. Then, when the gums around the implant site had matured, an intermediate crown was made. This step is not always necessary, but when implant treatment is at the front of the mouth, this can be beneficial as the surrounding gum tissues can be guided to heal in a natural shape. This will help the overall result look most natural. A ceramic bonded crown was finally made with a screw-retained design for ease in future servicing.

Gary’s experience

I was first referred to Chong a few years ago through a friend who is in the dental profession. Through time, I have gotten to know him as a considerate and a kind person. I then made a decision to ask him for help with implant treatment for a missing tooth in a highly visible area. I was a little nervous at first, as I had some bad experiences with dentists in the past. I need not have worried, as I felt immediately at ease with his professionalism.

As I had lost some bone, this meant implant surgery was performed with some bone and gum grafting. There was some slight soreness but it was definitely tolerable. The temporary crown was left for a far longer time than planned as I was away, but to me, it was as good as a proper implant crown.

I now have my final implant crown and it feels and looks very natural. It does make another old crown appear lacklustre, and I will want to improve on that in the near future.

Pauline’s case

Pauline lost a premolar tooth when the post-crown snapped off. As someone with a broad, spontaneous smile, this was a conspicuous gap. A conventional dental bridge would have involved trimming two healthy teeth, which could then lead to a lifetime of monitoring and/or repeated treatment that may even lead to their avoidable loss. Like most patients, Pauline had declined the option of wearing a denture as it doesn’t feel real, interferes with speech, taste, chewing and would most likely have an impact on her self-confidence. An implant-supported crown was most appealing to her as it is the closest to the natural situation.

As we were able to remove the remaining root very carefully, using socket preservation instruments and technique, Pauline’s socket was well conserved. The implant placement, a couple of months after the tooth loss, was straightforward and uneventful. Restoration with a crown followed after 3 months.

Pauline’s experience

When a longstanding crown came loose, the remaining tooth was deemed not treatable as further decay had set in. Removal of this tooth then resulted in a very visible gap. I was very conscious of this when I spoke and smiled. Chong was very professional in his explanation of the procedure and outlined to me all the available options in great detail. As I did not want to damage the neighbouring teeth by having a dental bridge, the implant option seemed the most sensible long-term solution.

The implant surgery itself was rather uneventful, to my surprise. I had expected to have significant pain. When this did not arise the following day, I rang Chong as I thought something had gone wrong. It was a great relief to be told that this is the usual case for a simple implant treatment like mine!

I am very pleased with having my space restored with this and not ‘sacrificing’ my healthy teeth for a bridge. The detailed explanations, and the care and attention at every treatment stage that I have received, give me the greatest confidence to recommend Chong to anyone seeking implant treatment.

Christopher’s case

After suffering from gum disease for a number of years, Christopher was finally able to control this problem, together with the help of his previous periodontist. However, by now Chris had lost many of his chewing teeth, due to advanced bone loss from periodontal disease. This meant that eating and enjoying common food was becoming almost impossible. A denture would not be a feasible option due to the location of these spaces. Sinus bone grafting was carried out with simultaneous placement of implants on both sides.

Even though the treatment was a bit protracted, Chris was actually more concerned about the fatigue that the surgeon and the nurse might have felt at the end of the procedure! Chris also had another implant placed at a later date, in the opposite jaw where he had lost another tooth. Recognising the importance of good plaque control for his remaining teeth as well as his implants, Chris continues to strive for and maintain an optimal level of oral hygiene.

Christopher’s experience

I only had a few teeth remaining, mainly in the front of my mouth and the most realistic option was to have implants. Circumstances required that I underwent more complex treatment than may normally be required. As someone with a lifelong terror of dental treatment, this was not a happy prospect.

My concerns were unnecessary. Chong Lim has such a gentle, calm and positive manner that I was at ease within minutes. He has dispelled my fear of dentists entirely and, astonishingly, I really quite enjoy my appointments with him.

What Chong has achieved for me is really quite marvellous and, at the risk of sounding too florid, life transforming. I can now eat comfortably and smile without embarrassment. Not only was he exceptional during the treatment stage, he has followed up in a way that shows total commitment, ensuring, amongst other issues, that I carry out a thorough cleaning routine.

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