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Here at the Perio & Implant Referral Centre in Twickenham, we provide specialist treatment for a wide range of gum problems, from receding gums to gum infection. Whether you need advice on gingivitis treatment for bleeding gums, or more advanced treatment for periodontitis, we can help. With our specialist advice and treatment, you can slow and halt the progress of your gum disease, prevent more serious damage to your teeth and gums – and look forward to keeping your smile for life.

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“I came to Chong for treatment of gum disease. The results have been terrific and, to be honest, it’s been almost painless.

- Stephen

Dr Chong Lim

Registered Specialist Periodontist
BDS (National U. of Singapore)
MSc in Periodontics (Eastman Dental Inst., UCL)
MSc (Distinction) in Dental Implantology (U. of Bristol)
GDC No. 70007

Put your gums in great hands with a specialist periodontist

Choosing your periodontist is an important step: you want to make sure the person you entrust your oral health to will not only be skilled, but also gentle and compassionate. Dr Chong Lim, at the Perio & Implant Dental Referral Centre in south London, is one of the UK’s most well-respected specialist periodontists. If you ask around, you’ll find that few periodontists in the UK can rival Chong’s training, experience and skill. He has trained extensively, has years of experience with even the most advanced procedures, such soft tissue grafting (receding gums treatment), and serves as a mentor and educator for his fellow dentists.

Chong has been on the GDC specialist list for periodontics since 1999 and has since treated patients and collaborated with dental professionals in centres of excellence in Singapore, Harley Street and, for the past 15 years, in the Richmond, Kew and Twickenham area. He is very well-respected by his colleagues and known as much for his periodontal expertise as for his consistent professional ethics. Patients appreciate his gentle, caring manner and the time he takes to build their confidence by ensuring every step in their treatment is fully explained.

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"The practice is such a lovely friendly place and Chong has always been very caring and gentle."

- Rhoda

Treating gum disease

Treatments for gum problems are wide-ranging and dependant on each individual case. Gingivitis treatment for bleeding gums will involve undergoing a professional cleaning treatment, followed with tailored advice on how you can stick to a robust oral hygiene routine at home. If your gum problems have progressed to periodontitis, we will advise you on the treatments we can employ to slow and halt the progress of gum infection or gum recession. We always aim to begin with the least invasive approach using non-surgical means. Non-surgical management can include any of the following:

  • Scaling and root surface debridement
  • Bacterial analysis and antimicrobial therapy
  • Occlusal analysis and adjustment
  • Splinting of teeth and instruction about plaque control

Read more about advanced gum disease

In some, more advanced, periodontal cases, problems may persist despite non-surgical treatment and your best efforts at home. A range of minor periodontal surgical procedures are used to smooth or correct defects and irregularities in the bone and soft tissue surrounding the diseased teeth, with the ultimate aim of re-establishing periodontal health. These include:

  • Pocket reduction procedures
  • Regenerative procedures
  • Crown lengthening
  • Soft tissue grafting (gum recession treatment)
  • Cosmetic procedures

I don’t have bleeding gums anymore, not even occasionally. I’m really happy with the treatment and would recommend Chong without hesitation.”

- Fred

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