Receding gums–Why, What & How to Fix it.

Why ? Gum can shrink due to poor oral health, gum disease or incorrect brushing. Other causes include tooth malposition, other types of trauma to the gums e.g. mouth piercings. A common consequence is sensitive teeth.
Other causes:
• Incorrect brushing: Excessive pressure or incorrect positioning can cause the the gum to recede. Using a circular motion with the bristles at 45° will help to avoid this problem. Incorrect or lack of cleaning between the teeth are other reasons.
• Inappropriate brushing tools: Different people require different cleaning aids. Your dentist or hygienist is the best source of advice. Tailor the technique and tools specific to your type of gums, tooth position and your manual dexterity.
• Discomfort when brushing: lack of “attached thick, strong gum” around causes discomfort and bleeding when brushing. The inability to clean properly results in bacteria accumulation and gum shrinkage.
• Thin gums tissue: some people are born with thinner gums. They are more vulnerable to gum shrinkage from daily toothbrushing
• Inappropriate retainer after ‘braces’ treatment. Some types of fixed retainers can gradually untwist. This results in undesirable torque forces on a tooth, causing the root to move towards the lip direction. The gum margin then recedes downwards.

Reducing risk & Fixing it.
1. Clean well, clean right and with the correct tools. Talk to your dentist or hygienist. You deserve their attention !
2. Avoid trauma e.g. mouth/tongue piercings. Teeth can get chipped too !
3. Exposed unaesthetically roots, sensitive teeth can be treated with minor surgical grafting techniques).


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