Dear friends and well-wishers:

THANK YOU: for all your lovely letters, cards, emails; for your thoughtful pressies and for your genuine concern for the health and well being of our staff and the clinic. We have, and remain concerned about yours, now and throughout our physical absence in the (March- June) lockdown.
THANK YOU: for being so considerate, vigilant and patient in preserving our chain of protection measures that has enabled us to continue operating an effective facility.
THANK YOU: to all our staff members – To Karolina, Nicole & Olga; to Estela & Ros, working ever so hard, ensuring that safety, effectiveness and caring remain the focus of our service. If medals could be awarded, they would all receive theirs.
THANK YOU: to our suppliers, dental technicians, our cleaners, service engineers, our landlord & his staff, that have made it possible to deliver the highest standard of dental care possible.

HOPE: that all of you will find some comfort during this difficult time; and for those of you, prevented from being with your loved ones, that 2021 will reward you for your personal sacrifices, so that collectively, we may all return to normality again. Green shoots, snow drops, and daffodils will be with us soon.
HOPE: that along with the combined efforts of loving carers & friends, effective treatment by our dedicated health care professionals, responsible safety measures by all of us, vaccines & masks, optimism & science, 2021 will wave goodbye to party pooper Corona V.

Sincerely wishing you all, good health and many happy reunions and parties for all in 2021.
See you from 4th January, when we re-open, to herald in the New Year and to welcome you back again.

Chong and the team at Perio N Implant

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